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<div style="position;top:0px;0px;z-index=100;font:40px George;font-weight;color:green;">  Hacked By <b>M4573R 5N|P3R And D@RK-SOUL</b><br><br>

<div style="position;top:0px;0px;z-index=100;font:30px George;font-weight;color:Red;">Do You Know Why You Got HACKED? 

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Free Kashmir! Freedom is our Birth Right <br>

 "India means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir." <br> If It is our choice to be free or independent then why do India compel us to live under their power!

We the people of KASHMIR want de miltirization action and we want to have hold on the utilization of our resources  <br> <br><img src="http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/2011/11/c1931933-9597-48ec-9516-190444f01c9aMediumRes.JPG" width="400"> <br><br>  <br>



 <font color="Red"><font size="18"></font size> Remember Us</font> <br>

We will give our blood and precious lives for the sake of our independence! <br> We will Destroy India in every way whatever Possible to make them realize what Freedom means to us <br> - we don't want war, take back your men, your guns and go back to where you came from<br> <br>  All we ask is for freedom, you can kill us but you cant kill us all, we shall never ever give up Our Goal of freedom!! <br> <br> 

Go India Go back <br>

Leave our Kashmir! <br><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3002/2777483624_15a491a215.jpg?v=0"> <br><br>  Giving up is not an option!<br> <br> | Master Sniper | Hell G@tor | Dark-Doul | Kashmir Cyber Crew | Muhammad Bilal | 84ckd00r5p1d3r| king Sam  | Hunter Gujjar | 04m3a0| Hex Look | Kazam Gujjar |  Algerian Hackers | Pak c Cyber Experts |Cyber Killer | Pak Cyber Pyrates | Green Hat Army | Kashmir Cyber Army | Pak cyber Attackers| Pak  Cyber Soldiers | <br> 



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Contact Us On Facebook :- <a href="www.facebook.com/profile.5n1p3r">Master Sniper</a> <br> <br>

   <Font color="red" size="4"><b>---Beware---</b></font>







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